Centre of Excellence in Genomics

Estonian Biocentre in partnership with University of Tartu is hosting the

Centre of Excellence in Genomics

Centre of Excellence in Genomics was awarded funding from EU European Regional Development Fund for the development of CoEs.

The funding from EU is 75.8 million EEK (ca 5 million EUR) for the period of seven years (2008-2015).

The objectives of the CoE Genomics

The Centre of Excellence in Genomics is based on three workgroups from Estonian Biocentre and University of Tartu, with its focus on basic and applied research of human as well as other genomes. The main objective of this consortium is to achieve, through dedicated collaboration, an added value, to be materialized and manifested in high-level scientific publications, enhanced international collaboration, creation of intellectual property and promotion of entrepreneurship in biotechnology. A particular goal will lie in applications in healthcare and in enhancement of the value of Estonian Biobank as a valuable national asset. It is an interdisciplinary research consortium with a scope extending from creating tools to analyse genomic, proteomic and metabolomic information and search for "disease genes", to the understanding of the origin of genetic structure variation in humans.

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